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I am who I am.

I had no choice to be what I wanted to be, it just happened.
So what if I'm not what I need to be in order to have the dreams I want.
To follow them and do what ever I can to be able to.

But why can't the others see that?
Why can't they just let me do what I've always wanted to do?
It wont hurt none, will it?
Or is it because of what I am?

It is......

There is no reason to butter it up.

Just because I am what I am, I have no right be what I want to be in this world.
I know why, and its wrong.
This should never be the kind reason why.
People shouldn't be segregated because of who or what they are.
People should have the free choice to be what they wish to chase in happiness.

But this is all because I'm a girl.
If I was never a girl, I could do it.
I could be the person I wanted to be without the others forcing me to be something else.
To be something else.

I just want to fly...
Is that too much to ask for?

Is it too much for one girl to risk everything to be able to fly?
It is for me.

Flying is what I am, its what I always will be.
So what if I'm a girl, so what if they curse me for who and what I am.

I am the same as them.
And I can be better then them as well.
So why should I care if I'm a girl, when I can do everything they do.
When I can be the better soldier that these people lusted for.

I am who I am
There is nothing changing that.
And I'm barking proud to be a girl, even though life will be harder for me.
I will still continue my campaign of flying.

Even if I must bleed through the open wound of war.
I never wanted to fight.
But if it means that I have to do what ever it takes to do what I must for the things I love.

So be it.
I will fight, but only for the love that I have growing in my heart to be in that open blue sky.
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Extranzia Featured By Owner May 28, 2012  Student Writer
I love this!
Shiyan-Kemosabi Featured By Owner May 29, 2012
Thank you, I'm glad you like it. :3
Extranzia Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Student Writer
You're welcome~
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