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May 7, 2012


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The main gate of the base was bigger than I thought. The door appeared to have been forced shut and bullet marks covered the whole the whole barking thing. The men took a defensive position around the door, covering the front and the back as the 4 riggers began to open the door. You somehow found a small device on the wall and began to play with it as I was trying to help the other men open the door.
Finally you did something and the door had opened, and the doors slowly began to open but jammed and got stuck and we had to open it wide enough to get through, and that made so much noise that it echoed throughout the base and canyon. Suddenly as we struggled to open the door, we heard movement from inside the base.

The riggers busted the door open and we poured into the base hugging the walls just in case something came out at us. But the sight inside was no different from the world outside; it was just as big of a bloody mess. Sounds of footsteps echoed in the halls of which we were standing in as we held our ground and our weapons aimed down the corridor.

Finally a man came stumbling out into the light from the outside that the crack in the gate had allowed.  There in front of us was a German scientist that had survived what chaos was unleashed upon the base as well as those who came to the canyon. He began to stumble with his words until you stood up and asked question about what happened here.

The man became frantic and began to shout and point in the other direction. He grabbed your arms and tried to get you to follow him to something deeper inside the base. When you didn't move he got quiet and glared at you asking why you weren't going with him. He became frantic and anger again, when suddenly we all heard what had sounded to be something massive walking toward us but we could see what it was.

I ordered us to leave the base and get outside, but the scientist wouldn't let go of you. By this time it was too late to leave because whatever was hiding in the dark was upon us. The light from outside was too dim to see what was there, but somehow the scientist knew what it was and gazed at it as though it was a shine or something and opened his arms and whispered "perfect". We all watched as this man walked to the shadow when finally we all turn on out flashlights to see what it was.

We found it to be something worse than anything we could have ever created in this world. From the front, it was as tall as a fighting bear and just as big with huge arm. The chest was ripped and there were tubes that flowed from under the skin and into the back.  

The arms were big and flesh ripped as it moved and blood, the blood that was inside it shot out at little joints and the muscles that were on it had been ripped and instead of bone the was mechanical and worse, there were human parts that also stuck out of the body.

The hands were large and it had five claws that were bone and metal and dripped with blood. The head was deformed and had a huge eye to the left and the other was covered by metal. The mouth was that of a bear's and it would open so wide that it would tare the flesh from its checks."

Deryn had paused again from the fear and began to tear up. At the moment Alek wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in close and gave her a warm hug. "You can take your time with this, if you need a moment I understand." Aleck said. Deryn held him close and smiled, "Thank you Alek, you're not so bad for a daft prince". Deryn said while rubbing his arm.

"This thing was horrible," she explained. "The scientist was barking crazy because he was walking towards that thing. Finally I shouted for us to run and we all tried to leave the base but the door could only fit one person at a time. Then that thing, or what ever it was let out this pain lusted cry and was louder than anything I'd ever heard and once we glanced back at it we started to charge at us.

The scientist was in its path and it had hit him with the back side of its massive claws against the wall and then used the other to stab him. The claws went through him and deep into the wall as the scientist's blood sprayed out into mist and chunks. After the scientist, it charged at us. You shouted to hug the wall, and pull me in close and wrapped your arms around me and we hit on the floor at the bottom of the wall while the rest of the men did the same, but two of the soldiers didn't make it. They were crushed by the might of that thing.

The strength of the monster was so great; that it had crushed the gate and it had flew out of the wall and dug a crater in the ground. Shortly after the gate was down we all had rushed out and the men went one way, and we went the other. The men hid behind a pile of rocks and a downed walker. We hid behind a beast that had its body ripped in half and was spread across more bodies and mixed with machine.
As we were behind the pile I fell to the ground because I tripped over yet another dead British soldier and then pressed my back against the cold steel of a machine. You followed my lead and fell by my side, I check my gear to make sure I didn't drop anything and made sure I wasn't hurt. You moved over to edge of the pile to look around and see what the beast was doing. You went dead silent as you whispered my name.

I crawled over to you and slowly looked around the edge to see what that forsaken monstrosity really was. That thing was, in the body shape of a fighting bear, and now we could see the back of it as well as the legs. The back had metal spikes that shot out of the body and the legs were like a dog's, but had more muscles and the flesh was torn and the feet only had three toes, but with massive claws and bones popped out.

This thing was a demon; this was how the Clankers saw our beasts. As these abominations and now they created something ungodly and has casted it upon the world. This was the reason why were had been sent to this base, to destroy the demon that the Germans had created."

Deryn paused and became rather quiet, tears were brushing against her eye lids and like a water fall they fell down her face. She wrapped her arms around Alek and began to cry. Alek held her close and with a firm grip he made her feel at ease in his arms, as though the world was a better place and he would protect her no matter what happened.

"Deryn, are you alright? If you want to stop, or take a breath for a moment that's alright, you can stop any time you want." Alek said with concern in if voice. "No, it's quiet alright. I can keep going on, it's just this part was the hardest." She said.

And so she continued, "The men saw what the true enemy was now and were too terrified to stand their ground. Three of the soldiers ran for their lives and this thing let out a blood hurling cry and it screamed while stretching out its body.  It raced after them for they were the only thing moving at the time.

I jumped out from behind the pile and opened fire upon it, you shortly followed and the others did as well. We filled its back with heavy firepower and it stopped and turned around slowly and began to growl as blood spat out all over in different places.

Two men ran to the broken gate and began to shoot at that thing; they were shouting at us the run for it as it followed the two men in the base. I was about to run in after them to help, but you grabbed my arms and shouted that we need to move NOW!  It took me a moment to move but you kept pulling me to move.

Once we ran, the others followed and we ran as fast as we could, we didn't stop for anything. Nothing was too much for us, and no matter what obstacle we were faced with was conquered  and the blood and dead corpses and machinery was more bearably now than before. But still felt as though the dead were watching us and reaching out in pain and fear to be freed from their doom as we ran past.

We were half way through before that monster had picked up on what we were doing and we could hear it getting closer and closer.  The four Riggers came to a slow stop as well as the other soldiers; I turned back and shouted for them to move. But the Riggers just turned around and fortified their position to ambush the monster.

I was about to run after them when you suddenly grabbed my hand and shouted no, and that we must keep moving. You told me that they knew what was at stake, and they signed up anyway.  I clenched my rifle, knowing what the outcome would be, and gave them a salute before running after you.

The men knew what to do from there, it was to give us time to get away and back to the ship. They held their position for us, to allow us time to live through it and relay the information to the Captain and to send this place to the place where it belongs. But, we weren't out just yet.

We were almost out and the sun was trying to pierce the thick fog relentlessly. We were so close, when finally it found us, without a sound it appeared behind us and with its massive claw it hit both of us and sent us flying out of the fog. I was thrown against a large bolder and knock my attic a bit and was in a daze for a moment. After a moment, I finally gather myself and began to search for you but when I did I was overcome with fear.

You had been thrown not too far from where I had landed, but you were in bad shape. Your back was slashed open and you were losing a lot of blood. I dragged my body over to you and grabbed your hand and called out to you. But you didn't answer.

Suddenly that monster made its way out of the fog and ran out into the open shine of the sun. Its body was more clear to see, and was still the abomination we found it to be.  It covered its face from the sun and seemed to fear the light. All I could do was watch as fear controlled every muscle in my body while that thing frantically searched for us.

The monster had found us, and was now hungered with rage and death. It slowly made its way to us, when something blocked out the sun and casted a shadow across the blood soaked land. The monster frantically wracked its head up to see what was blocking the light from the sun. I too was shocked to see that it was the Leviathan!

The monster was too focused on the ship to pay any mind to us anymore, so I managed to stand and pick you up and carry to you a cluster of rubble and hide behind the largest bolder I could find. From there I held my back against the wall and my legs felt weak and gave in, and I fell. Then I used my medical kit that I had on me to patch you up as best I could. But nothing seemed to help.

I held you in my arms, with your head by my chest, your arms were limp as well as your legs, and you were barely breathing too. You were just there, in my arms…..Dying…." Deryn began to tear up more and she was barely able to speak because she was crying so much.

Alek then sat her up and gave her a long lasting hug and then gave her a kiss to calm her down. "Deryn, I'm right here. You don't need to worry about me going anywhere, I'm right here." Alek said. She slowly came back to her senses and wiped the tears away smiling. "Thank you Alek," she said. Still the dream went on.

"As you lay there in my arms I could tell that you were to badly injure to recover from the damage dealt to your body. So I did all I really could do, I held you closer to me, closer to my heart. While your blood flowed from your body and onto mine and to the ground around me, I felt my heart sink. I was losing the one thing that I loved more than anything in the world, and you were dying in my arms.
The tears were uncontrollable when suddenly that abomination let out yet another cry as the Leviathan had dropped a bomb on it. Once the bomb at exploded the shock wave had shattered half of the rock that we were behind.  That monstrosity somehow survived the blast and was now in more of a rage than it was before.

The Leviathan began to spray a massive amount of bullets at it as more soldiers were on their way to save us. While all that mess was in process, I reached down to you and kissed you. While you still had some kind of life in your body I held you close and kissed you for the last time. But as I was kissing you, your raised your hand and gently touched my cheek. I opened my eye and tears flowed out, as I pulled away a little you said I love you Deryn Sharp. And I said I love you Aleksander of Hohenberg.
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So sad! (evn though it's just a nightmare and didn't really happen)


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