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July 14, 2012


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Now, this was where the ending was in the last one. This is different ending to the story. Please take not, it might be a tiny bit sad. But I don't think it will be. But if it is, just tell me what you think ^.^

(<"I love you too Deryn Sharp, even though I never said it, you have always been an amazing Soldier and even more than that, you have been , no, are the love of my life and always will be." Crying he continued, " It was an honor to have to in my life and even more to have to as someone I can call, my love."

With that, she pulled him in for one last kiss. That lasted for a short few moments, yet felt like a life time. Her hand was still on his cheek and just then a tear dropped from her bleeding face and following after was her hand that slowly fell and still in the kiss, she died in the arms of the man she loved to greatly.
Again, Alek could not hold back the tears anymore. He pulled back to have on last look at the love he held so close to his heart that died before him. Losing all hope of life he let out a scream that filled the air around him. Letting out all the sadness flow out too. With all hope lost he reached out to grab Deryn's revolver and placed the tip of the gun to his head and closing his eyes he pulled the trigger.


Frantic, he pulled the trigger only to find that the rounds have been spent. Throwing the gun he collapsed onto Deryn crying beating the wall from frustration. Just then, he felt the cold metal of a gun barrel. Sitting back up he only smiled and tears of joy were all that was left in his soul.

"Please, I beg you. Put me to sleep. I no longer wish to be apart of this world." Alek said quietly>)

The man stood there a moment, wondering why he wished for death. Embracing it with open arms to an eternal sleep. Brave men fought to live, to stay alive while others ran for the sake of theirs. This was no happy ending for the burning lantern of London, yet it was for him.

"Why do you welcome death?" the man said.

"It's the only way I can truly be with those I love, you, and all who you follow, have destroyed all of it. Nothing in me is left to push forward in life." Turning to him, "Please, take me from this life. I can't bare to be part of this earth any longer and every moment taunts me with the hope that I can join them and dying is the only way." Alek cried quietly.

The man stood before Alek while he sat on his knees with a pistol pointed to his head. Begging to end his life the man lowered his pistol, and saw that there was the revolver on the floor. Picking it up he checked the cylinder and emptied it, but catching one empty shell.

"You wish for death's angel, do you not?"

"Yes, please, just hurry with it all. I can't live here any longer. Just kill me already!" Alek demanded in pain.

Loading the revolver with the empty shell, he spun the cylinder. Then handed the gun to Alek.

"If you wish for death so badly, you will be able to take your own life. I will not do it for you, but I might help in a way." he laughed then walked away to the other bodies on the floor doing something to them, then after little he walked to the door and stood outside it.

Alek frantically jammed the pistol and at the base of his jaw by his neck. With no more tears, he closed his eyes and finally smiled one last time and pulled the trigger.

Nothing happened. Opening his eyes he pulled the trigger again. Still, the only sound he heard was that on the clicking on the pin. He lied, the man lied about helping him. He never loaded it, there was only a shell, like he was.
Screaming he cried out loud as the mad closed the door and barred it shut from the outside so he couldn't leave. Searching the room in sadness and rage he tried to find a gun that would do the job. He found rifles and pistols, but the damned man stole all the ammo, only leaving the guns themselves to taunt him.
Walking back to Deryn's body, he dropped to his knees with a hard thud. Placing his head on hers he tried to cry, and nothing would come out.

"I just want to be with you again, I want to hear your voice, I want to see your smile. I want, no , need you. I can't live without any of you. I need you in my life." he said weeping.

Noticing the knife in her leg, he saw that as another chance to join the people he loved in peace, forever. Closing his eyes he pulled the knife from her body and then sat beside her. Kissing her lips one last time, knowing that there would be no kiss in return he couldn't help but keep that kiss going before he was to let go.
In that last kiss, he slit his wrists and then his throat. Dropping his head on her lap,he died beside the woman he loved and with a smile, he bled out on her body, and both their blood intertwined and were united once again. He was at peace with this, knowing that he would see her, and everyone he loved at last. And in the after life, there is no war, no hatred, just peace. In the end, it would be worth dying for.
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Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. I like this ending better, even though it's sadder. It's very Romeo and Juliet, isn't it? Sorry, I'm kind of O.O right now. Trying to absorb....story....
Damn, I saw a shit load of typos! How can you even read this? XD haha I really need to re-read my work XD
I have so many typo problems. Comes with typing with two fingers. But it's fasteeerrr. (I don't know if you type with two fingers, though.) ^^
I just type fast, and I think faster than my fingers can keep up with.
Sometimes I type faster than my computer can keep up with. O.O Or I over think things and end up staring into space while agonizing over a minor wording choice while my computer turns itself off. XD
I write something then I would look off thinking about something and ,y fingers are still typing. Its cool/damn because somethings I write the wrong thing XD
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