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July 11, 2012


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(I though about it and I decided that I'll change the name becuase it is a little dark in some ways lol. So this is now a twisted was of world war 2)

8:36 AM - Hour 6 of German invasion

This was all that Alek could do in the hell that dominated the city. A dark, deep crimson of blood ran through the streets of London. Bodies crowded the ground as the blood of the innocent and both side of the armed forces flowed away over filling the gutters and drainage. Chaos left its devastation behind as the German troopers made their line of armored walkers and foot soldiers over the grand British Empire.
In the middle of Alek's frantic charge down the street he was forced to make a gut crunching stop to quickly find cover because a squad of German soldiers held a small post just a few streets ahead. Slamming his back against a wall's corner he cracked it and a loud pop was the outcome of him forcing the momentum.
Peering over his right shoulder, around the wall he saw that there was only about four of them with standard heavy machine-guns. They didn't seem very accurate so Alek could easily take them out with a rifle one at a time. But surprisingly, they were very accurate with them by firing in short bursts to keep as much ammo and hit their target before they were the first to join the fallen.
Upon the release of bullets, Alek quickly span to his left to cover and try to not get killed. Clenching his eyes tight over the sound of the German rounds clapping in the air and echoing in his ear, as he curled in a ball he found that he wasn't the only one curled up tight. When he finally opened his eyes he only wished that he never did, fear took over and he let out a scream.
What he saw was one of the most terrifying thing he had ever seen in his life. There was a woman, thin, with a little muscle and had long brown hair and eyes blood shot red still full of tears and he back was a field of bullet wounds, covered in blood she held a small child in her arms that only seems to be about 4. The small child was a little boy who also had blood shot eyes and only one bullet hole, which lied between his eyes. The girl reminded him of Deryn, when she was protecting their little girl in a dream he had.
This was what also covered the streets. The Germans had no mercy when it came to this total war, this was only a game to them. They were killing everything, from live stock, to animals, soldiers, and even innocent lives.The tore bodies apart and mutilated them, raping the women, burning down houses. Destroying London all together and all her people.
Horrified at what became of the people he felt a raging fire burn within his heart. He knew that must put an end to this retched war and save as many people as he could possible save until all the Germans were pushed out of London and back to where they came from.
Within his hands was a bolt action rifle, more accurate and could use less ammo and he could hit and take down all of them with almost one whole clip. Tightening his grip the only motivation that he had imprinted in his mind was that of Deryn's face and seeing that beautiful smile once again. And with that, he took aim and saw that there was a flame thrower sitting not to far from explosives. Taking in a deep breath he steadied his arm and pulled the trigger.

The explosion took care of the Germans, but more would be on their way to Investigate what happened. Alek ran past the outpost and continued his campaign to find Deryn and the others. The streets were horrible, bodies of innocent civilians were everywhere. No one was left alive and nothing could be done to reverse this devastation. Seeing how humanity can truly treat their own kind made Alek sick to his stomach. Seeing what use to be the people of London scarred him and cut a deep wound in his soul.
This was sick, and no one should die this way. Burned, ripped apart, burned with acid, raped. I'm glad that some people were executed with only a bullet to the head; so that wouldn't have to see what horror became of their friends, family, people. The streets were full of blood, so much that it left puddles and streams like when it rained and covered the ground and buildings. Only, there were almost no buildings and the ground was now home to the blood of innocent.

"I hope that Deryn is alive, in any way. Please, oh lord, please keep her alive so that I can save her." Alek prayed as his stormed through the crimson stained streets of London.

11:55 AM - Hour 9 of German Invasion

As Alek made his way through the city, he came across a small com station. A man's voice frantically screamed order and locations, and one caught his ear. There was a small group of traitors that were fighting back. They were critically wounded and falling one at a time.
Once Alek heard of this resistance he instantly thought of Volger and the others. They were all lost when they landed and it could be them. Only hoping for the best, he quietly snuck around the com station and made his way to the unknown resistance.
It took time to get there, but when he did the view was devastating. In awe he saw that the were mounds of German bodies, surrounding a small hotel. As he advanced to the hotel front the reached the main doors which were blown off and back further into the lounge was a pile of sand bags and unfortunately, what came next tore a hole in his chest. For this was an image that would be scorch into his mind and heart forever, worse than that of the civilians.
There on the floor were the bodies of the men who served on the leviathan. Their blood stained the walls and floor. Their bodies burned and full of holes. Newkirk was among the fallen, yet he seemed worse. His body was ripped apart from the waist. It seemed that he crawled closer to something leaving his lower body to lay in the blood the flowed out. His upper half was impaled with a broken pipe in the back. His eyes lids were cut off and the eyes were removed. The jaw was broken and was peeling off, only held together by muscle and ligaments.
Covering his mouth, Alek panned his vision across the room finally stopping then dropping to his knees. Right in front of his eyes were the bodies of all his trusted me, his only loving and caring family. All of them crucified to the wall and on the wall above them was the word traitor written in their blood. Refusing to watching anymore of what his friends and no longer family now hold as their decade appearance and folding in half, he vomited all over the floor.

"God's wounds. No, No, this couldn't happen to you, this should have never been if I could have only gotten here sooner, I" taking a few steps forward he fell to his knees and sobbed, crying like he has never cried before over the lost of the men that risked everything to save him. Now they hang on the wall, dead.

Suddenly he heard a gun fire, off deeper in the hotel. And wiping away tears of dread sadness, he found the strength to follow the sound. Pushing past debris and bodies, he found a stairway where the sound emitted from. Proceeding through the building he found himself on the second floor where a body was on the ground in a doorway. The body was fresh and in the room was yet another mess of blood and bodies.

"Wh-wh-who's there!" a voice called out in great pain

"Its me Aleksander! Who's here?"

Whoever called out only let a deep sigh slowly leave their lungs and past a body on a spike against the wall, was a hand that fell dropping a revolver. Alek ran over shoving the dead German body to the side and what he found hit him. He hit the lowest point with such great velocity and he couldn't do anything.

"No, no, no, why, oh lord why?" Alek cried when he fell to his knees.

There in a pool of slowly spilling blood, was what he had been searching for the whole day. The only thing that kept him pushing, fighting, struggling to survive, was the woman he loved. Deryn.
She sustained multiple bullet wound from her chest to her lower body. A knife was impaled into her left leg, it must have been freshly made because the blood was barely reaching the under part of her thigh. On the right side of her chest was a large metal pipe that was lodged deep into her body and through the wall she pressed up against. Her face was beaten and terrible bruised with a dozen of slash marks. Her clothing was also ripped but mostly holding together but soaked in her blood.
Crying, Alek rested his head of hers. Tears frantically pouring out of his eyes, so much that they fell onto Deryn's chest. Unaware of it, Deryn raised a hand to Alek's cheek. Reaching for her hand all he could do was weep.But somehow grabbed onto her hand and clenched it tight.

"Only if I was here sooner, sooner to save the others, to protect them, to protect you. Oh god, why is this happening to me. Why?" Alek cried.

With the last of her strength depleted, she only had the will to force herself to do one last thing before she died. Pulling Alek's head in close she whispered in his ear.

"Its not your fault Alek, we all knew what was to become of us. We all knew the sacrifices this would force us to make. But I want you to know, that it was an honor serving by your side even as a soldier. And even greater experience to fall in love with that prince that became a great man, and have that man love me back even for what I was." Pausing for a moment inhaling her last breath, "I love you Aleksander Ferdinand, I've always loved you and that will never change."

"I love you too Deryn Sharp, even though I never said it, you have always been an amazing soldier and even more than that, you have been , no, are the love of my life and always will be." Crying he continued, " It was an honor to have to in my life and even more to have to as someone I can call, my love."

With that, she pulled him in for one last kiss. That lasted for a short few moments, yet felt like a life time. Her hand was still on his cheek and just then a tear dropped from her bleeding face and following after was her hand that slowly fell and still in the kiss, she died in the arms of the man she loved to greatly.
Again, Alek could not hold back the tears anymore. He pulled back to have on last look at the love he held so close to his heart that died before him. Losing all hope of life he let out a scream that filled the air around him. Letting out all the sadness flow out too. With all hope lost he reached out to grab Deryn's revolver and placed the tip of the gun to his head and closing his eyes he pulled the trigger.


Frantic, he pulled the trigger only to find that the rounds have been spent. Throwing the gun he collapsed onto Deryn crying beating the wall from frustration. Just then, he felt the cold metal of a gun barrel. Sitting back up he only smiled and tears of joy were all that was left in his soul.

"Please, I beg you. Put me to sleep. I no longer wish to be apart of this world." Alek said quietly

Obeying his last wishes then mysterious man pulled the trigger and blasted a hole clear through Alek's skull. Falling on top of Deryn the man saw that there was a smile on his face, as though he found peace in dying.
Leaving the two bodies to lay in eternal rest the man who killed Alek gave him a burial fit for a king along with the rest of the men who fought and died within the Hotel.

12:30 PM - Hour 10 of German Invasion

Only half of Britain had fallen to the Germans, but with the help of allied forces, they were able to reclaim the whole country, and lay the bodies of the fallen to rest. Forever in the mists of their most beautiful man made garden.
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Yes, i so went there XD I also wanted to change things up. And I have a different way to end the story, but I want to see what you guys thing first. I changed the name so that it fits the story
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Shiyan-Kemosabi Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012
So I posted it and it said I post too much stuffies XP haha So I might need to wait a bit XD
MidshipmanK Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012
At least....they died....together? AAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH! IT'S SO SAAAAAAAD!!!!!!
*snatches dagger*
O, happy dagger! This is thy sheath--
There rust and let me DIE!

Was that a bit extreme? Dalek death makes me very sad.... But it's a good story. Despite sadness....
Shiyan-Kemosabi Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012
Yes, Deryn died from multiple bullet wounds and adding to it, the two objects piercing her body in two critical areas. The lost of blood did play a great roll in her death. Then when Alek saw that there was just no more point to living he just gave up on life. Seeing all the people he loved and cared for so much died before his eyes. All he wanted was to be by their sides again, and the man who took his life gave him that. But I have another ending to it, but I don't know if I should or not. Its way more sad and I don't know if I'll get someone screaming F u at me XD hahahaha
MidshipmanK Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012
I wouldn't. I would just start crying. :)
Shiyan-Kemosabi Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012
I can type in the other version of the ending to you on here if you wanna see it? haha
MidshipmanK Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012
You could....Should I want to see it? ^^
Shiyan-Kemosabi Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012
I'll post an entry on it in a little.
MidshipmanK Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012
Shiyan-Kemosabi Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012
Tell me what you think on it when you see it.
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Shiyan-Kemosabi Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012
I think I may have to change the title to this one XD haha
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