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Our Little Secret by Shiyan-Kemosabi Our Little Secret by Shiyan-Kemosabi
Standing upon the rocks of the shore, the waves crash violently, yet beautifully against the stone border that was the line between land and sea. There stood Deryn, gazing across the sea's surface at the sun far in the distance. The clouds that slowly pass her by make her wish she was on the Leviathan again. But this day was a special day for her and Alek.

Alek, quietly approached her from behind and then slowly wrapped his arms around her hugging her tight. Raising her hands to meet his arms she bowed her head while his was at her shoulder.

"Its quite romantic, don't you agree?" Deryn said

"Yes, that it is. But what makes it more special and romantic, is that I have you here in my arms. Right here, right now. That's all that matters to me now." Alek said while he watched the water.

Deryn always tried to fight the tear. Thinking to herself, she wondered why she was crying. Why, out of no where, she was crying. These were not tears of pain, fear, nor sorrow. She was happy, and the tears were full of joy.

Lifting his arms, she turned to him and held him close, squeezing him. All she could feel was this strong emotion for him. It was a feeling that she could never openly show him. One that he was never able to see unless they were alone. They have always wanted to express their love in greater ways, and that chance was rapidly making its way to them.

The Society was now their main goal in life, it was their line of work, directly under Dr. Nora Barlow. She had no care for their relationship, so long as they did as told. And the good part of their new job, was that they could have more time together.

Deryn lifted her hands to Alek's head and then pulled him in for a kiss, pressing her lips hard against his while he wrapped his arms around her increasing the tension of the grip. In this rage of emotion, the waves added into it by crashing more and more recklessly at the stone shield.

Pulling away from each other, the two turned to face the sea. Admiring at it, Alek focused his attention on her eyes that met with his after a second of watching the clouds.

"Deryn. Do you realize how much you mean to me?"

"If I throw out a guess, I would say that itís a lot."

Smiling he hugged her once more and watched the sun set over the edge of the sea.

"Its not very often that we can do this, you know?"

"Aye, that'd be true."

"So I want to make this moment truly count."

"What do you mean?"

Taking a step away from her, he pointed at the sun set and said, "I want you to remember this, the sun, the ocean, the sounds it makes, and one thing I want you to remember most of all."

And with that, he bent down on one knee and from his pocket he pulled out a small black box. Deryn's eyes widened as she covered her mouth with her hands and took in a deep breath.

Opening the box, there was a small silver ring with a small design on it. The ring was a Claddagh ring, which had a heart that was a amethyst stone. Holding the heart were a pair of hands at its sides, atop of the heart was a crown.

Deryn's knees began to tremble and she almost dropped. But before she fell, Alek asked her a question she never, in her whole life, thought she would be asked.

"Deryn Sharp. I have been at your side in more ways than one. Fighting, crying, and laughing. We have been together from the start, in the Alps to Istanbul, from all over Europe and back again. I would give my life to protect you. I will give anything to be at your side, no matter what the cost. And all I ask of you is this. Will you, stand at my side from this moment on, from now until death and beyond that? Will you, Deryn Sharp, Marry me?"

Deryn dropped to her knees, still in the same position, with her hands over her mouth and eyes wide. As her hands fell a smile grew uncontrollably and she tackled him to the ground kissing him.

Raising her head she locked her eyes with his, tears falling wildly, her smile growing larger and larger.

"Yes!, Yes, I will. I will always stand by your side, from now and forever. Never leaving you no matter what." Deryn said crying tears of happiness.

Smiling, "I love you Deryn."

"I love you so much Alek"

And for once, they were able to show each other the love that was over growing within them and with that single action, it was all released and exploded out. They were now united together forever, in life and to death. Nothing could separate them from each others sides. From that moment on, she never called herself, Mr. nor Miss. Sharp. She was now known as Mrs. Hohenberg. She cared not for names, all she wanted was to be Alek's, and for him to be hers.

Special thanks:

Proofreading and suggestions provided by :iconmelalina: for [link].
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MidshipmanK Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012
That's so sweet! So beautiful....I love. ^^
Shiyan-Kemosabi Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012
I showed my wife, and she squeezed the crap out of me, and then it was a romantic night afterwards ;3
MidshipmanK Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
Arysthae-niru Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Awww! That wasn't twisted at all. That was very romantic. Did you propose to your wife like that? The description is lovely and the premise is great. And the picture really accompanies it, because you can see what Deryn and Alek are seeing, in a way? :) Well done!
Shiyan-Kemosabi Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012
Well, I proposed to her in a different way lol but when we went to the beach I was holding her and telling her how much she means to me and that whole cheezy stuff X3 its a lovey thing XD

BUT!! When it got to a point when she was covering her mouth, I was thinking like something dark and ended with them dying in each others arm's and stuff XD haha I'm a terrible person aren't I? Because I was thinking on having some random murder come out of no where or something and then stab him or shoot him and stuff But i did, because I wanted it to be sweet. I can always think of a good way to turn a happy story into something really nasty XD
Arysthae-niru Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh dear. Okay, that is slightly twisted, but then, it's really creative as well (In the kind of awful way...). But yeah! I can tell you that I wouldn't have thought of it at all, because I am an inner romantic, despite hating romantic comedies or romantic movies in general.
Shiyan-Kemosabi Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012
hahaha I'm a sick man XD hahaha But alas, I wanted to create something romantic to see how people would like it an all. All in all, how does it seem as a story and how does it feel?
Arysthae-niru Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
It works as a good story. I really like it, and I'm sure that others will too. You worked in a brilliant atmosphere into there and the picture is great! So overall 9/10 :)
Shiyan-Kemosabi Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012
Is the other 1% because I have serious issues with making things go to hell and kill everyone and back this thing sound worse than mass slaughter? And that I make happy fluffy stuff become sad and then have someone die in someone's arms because of how emotionally attached they would be to a single person and then in a great tragedy they would never be able to see that one person they loved so greatly and will never be able to say each other again. Only until they move on or die, by that of age or murder or suicide? Or becuase I make it seem like their lives are just like Edger Allen Poe and how everyone he ever loved just died around him and had to live alone in sorrow and pain? You're a meany XP I hope that you fall and land on a pillow and fall asleep and then have very strange dreams about Gworfs and flying hippos that are purple and throw up hearts and fly with little wings and leave a trail of rainbows. Or a tiger that's a vegetarian!!! I hope that is hurt your feelings as much as your words have hurt mine. XPPP

XD hahaha jk jk Thank you so much. But I just care about how people think about it, if the picture really adds into a great effect of how the story plays out and if you can get the same feeling as they would while reading the story XD haha :3
Arysthae-niru Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh no, the 9/10 was because there were a couple of grammar mistakes. Not any of that. I wouldn't associate the thoughts behind the story with the actual story XD

:D What is a gworf, by the way? I haven't come across the term before...
Shiyan-Kemosabi Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012
XD haha I know, I was just playin with ya. I get bored at time and then say weird stuff haha

And a Gworf is a magical creature. Its a mouse with a halberd, kinda like a spear and wears like a red British Royal guard uniform. With a big had and just the coat. he has no pants XD haha Very wise and cute as hell little guy. Wish I had one.
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