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Heavy burden 3

Examining the man, he actually didn't even seem like a regular human being. He was...different. There was no sign of decay or anything.

The man was just short of Emerick's height but more thin, long black hair held back into a tail waved slightly in the wind and bangs draped over his face.

Pointed ears also held back some hair and on the right ear was a spiked plug with a dangling chain and ball.

Knee high boots that had a small dagger on the caffe hugged tightly on the left leg and on the right thigh was a belted on pouch.

All together he didn't even seem a threat. More of just an annoyance.

"Please step aside. I haven't time to be delayed," Emerick said.

"Mmm - oh you have manners too. I like you more and more by the minute," he said seductively.

Ignoring the comment, Emerick continued forward but the man blocked his path.

"I have no quarrel with you. Now step aside!"

"And if I don't," the man giggled.

Emerick rose his sword and pointed it at the man. Standing still he placed his finger on the tip of the sword dragging it down.

"You must be powerful to wield something this massive. I bet you have a tasty soul to match it."

Pulling his sword back, the knight thrusters his shield at the man. Though, the man was a little bit quicker.

He jumped back and took a knee.

"Gotta be quicker than that to get me, sir knight!" The man laughed.

Raising his shield, Emerick charged forward lunging his sword, the man spun around, now behind the knight. Following the attack, he wrenched the shield back.

With one hand, the man stopped his shield. A gust of wind kicked up the dust around them. Twirling the sword around, he used the hilt the bash.

This time landing a hit to the mans ribs. Unbelievable the blow had no affect against him.

"Oh my, that hurt a little," he said.

Pulling away the shield, the man kicked Emerick in the chest sending him flying back to the ground.

Rolling across the floor, he quickly came to his feet and readied his sword.

When he stood, the man was gone. It was a little difficult to see through the visor, but long years of use made direct line of sight easy.

Suddenly, Emerick felt the man leaning against his back, arms draped around his neck and shoulders.

A hand brushed down the left side of the helm. While the other was rubbing his chest. The man was humming in his ear, then taking a deep breath.

"You smell even more delicious up close."

Wrenching a hand over his left shoulder, Emerick grabbed hold of the mans arm and flipped him over his shoulder and down to the ground jamming his knee into his gut.

Rising his fist, he aimed to break the mans jaw. When the fist made contact, nothing happened again. But a little sliver of blood squeezed it's way out of the mans mouth.

With a smile, the man reached his hands up and pulled Emerick down and bashed his head into his helm.

Somehow knocking the knight back, standing up the man ran his fingers throw some stray hairs.

"I have to admit, you're a tougher than most. I haven't had this much fun since before the land was cursed by the dark sign."

Taking a firm stance again, Emerick thought to himself as to what this guy really was. The dark sign had happened so long ago. How was this man able to remember the events before hand.

"Who are you?" Emerick asked aiming his sword at him.

"Me?" The man said with a shrug oh his hands. "I'm a lonely soul of this decayed world. Lost in this endless cycle of death we call a life."

"I have no time for games!" Emerick shouted swinging his sword at him.

Drawing his sword the man parried, unaware of the small knife that Emerick had in his other hand.

With a swift reflex, the knight stabbed him deep in the left thigh and followed with a swift kick to the gut.  

The man rolled back across the dirt standing up right again. Looking down at the knife he only smiled.

"I'll have to admit, you're the first person in a long, long time to make me bleed."

Pulling the knife out, he looked at the dripping blood. Eyes almost closed, the expression he wore almost seemed like he enjoyed it.

In the moment, he began to lick the blade dry. Almost moaning just from the taste.

"You're sick," Emerick said bluntly.

Looking back up at him, he smiled.

"I'll ask once more. What are you?!"

"Oh come now, isn't it obvious my good Knight? I'm a demon of course. But not of those foul beasts from the bed of chaos. I'm what I like to call a natural demon."

"I demon? Then what are you doing here?"

Walking towards him, "because I wanted to move from my home town."


"Oh you're no fun. I've been here since before the coming of the dark ages, collecting souls to feed my growing hunger."

"If it's souls you're after then why not go fight the gods? Im pretty sure they have hundreds of souls they'd love to throw at you."

"Indeed so, but there is just something about the way a despaired soul tastes that I just love."

"You're sick. If you're due for a meal I'm not your pray," Emerick said walking towards is grounded shield.

As he reached for his shield the demon placed his foot on it.

"And what of you, Sir knight? What are you?"

Slashing his sword at him, almost hitting. The demon deflected it with its sword bouncing back.

"That's none of your concern."

Side stepping around him leaning it's back against him. The demon stood with its arms crossed.

"You must be fighting for something. Tell me, what is it you're striving for?" The demon asked.

Looking up at the sky, Emerick could remember seeing the faces of his wife and children. A smile on their faces as they look at him, the joy he had on long summer days.

Then the horror of when the curse had struck their small village. His wife becoming a hollowed husk, then his children. The pain of having to slay his own family do to this horrid nightmare.

The rage began to flow deep within his core. This was the doing of the gods. And revenge was what he sought.

"Why do you care? You're just a demon."

The wind brushed against him, seeping into the visor of his helm. It felt good against his skin. Almost like a refreshing break after a long hard day. It was quiet for a few moments when the demon spoke.

"Mmm, just curious. It has been a while since my last conversation."

"You have a funny way of conversing."

The demon laughed and looked up at the sky. The clouds rolled in the mid day, the breeze kept his hair flowing. This was a beautiful day it thought.

"So what is it? Are you just looking to die, or have a grudge against someone?"

"These so called gods let loose the dark sign. It hollowed my family and I was forced to kill them."

"So it's revenge that you seek?"

"Yes," Emerick said coldly.

With a sigh, "What a shame. A vengeful soul tastes a little sour."

Emerick glanced over his shoulder at it and wondered what it was planning. Was it just toying with him? Killing time to do something? What?

"What is your plan then?"

"Why tell you? If all you want to do is devour my soul."

"Yes that is the plan. But not when you're full of revenge. It doesn't sit well with me."

Stepping forward, the demon stood staring at the sun, Emerick turned around ready for the fight to continue. Watching the demon, it stood gazing into the distance.

"Tell you what! I'll make you a deal."

"A deal? Why would I make a deal with a demon?"

"Because I know where you have to go from here and I have the power to open doors for someone like you."

"So? I can find my way without you."

"Ugh, you're so dull!"

"What makes you think I'll deal with you? As far as I'm concerned you're just in my way."

Emerick readied his weapons and took a firm stance. The demon stood with its arms crossed and tapping it's foot.

"You are stubborn. But I do find that rather attractive."

"Enough talk!" Emerick shouted charging forward at the demon. This time he wasn't holding back.

Charging forward he swung his sword clashing with the demons, at the moment of impact the demons blade broke in half and the Knights blade was embedded deep into the demon's left shoulder.

Pulling back, Emerick bashed it with his shield and followed with a piercing shot from his sword.

The bash knocked the demon back, but it spun around the blade and used the hilt of the broken sword to crack a hit on his helm.

The blow did nothing but knock his helm off. Stepping forward Emerick slammed his shoulder into it then angled his sword and slashed upward sending the demon backwards.

Standing tall, Emerick felt the full fresh wind wrap around his head. Sweat dripped down his nose and messed his hair. It wasn't a hot day but the suit made everything a heat storm.

"My, you are handsome underneath that steel."

Emerick spat at the ground and stepped forward. At this moment, he felt a pain coming from his chest that stopped him dead in his tracks. It was so great that he had to use his sword to keep him up right.

The demon stood, puzzled at what was happening then began to smile.

As Emerick knelt to the ground he covered his face with a hand and fought the pain for the moment. The curse was flaring up again, and he wasn't able to stop it from spreading throughout his body.

"So you're cursed with the dark sign are you? That is a pity."

"Aye, but this is nothing. I'm still here. And I don't plan on dying until I have my revenge."

"Is that all you care for? Well then I guess I should restate my proposal," the demon giggled.

Emerick glanced up at the demon then stood. Maybe, just maybe he'd have something worth listening to. At least to buy some time for the pain to stop.

"You're in search for revenge and will more than likely kill anything that stands in your way. Once you reach the top you're in turn going to challenge the gods are you not?"

"And what if I am?"

"You're bound to find many tasty souls along the way. So I'll make you a deal. One you shouldn't pass up on." It said with a grin.

"What are you getting at?"

"What I'm saying is that I'll join you in your quest to fight the gods. In turn, I get to devour the lord souls. Should you fail of course, then I'll settle for your soul instead."

"How does this help me?"

"By me joining you, I'll give you my power and ease your hollowing pain. In total, we become one."

"If I let you join me, you'll give me all your power, and in return you get to have the souls of the gods?"

"That is correct! All of me belongs to you, and all of you belongs to me."

"This is sick."

"Hey at least you're handsome. I'd say I'm the one stealing the bargain here."

"How can I trust you?"

"Look this is a chance for me too. By us becoming one, our very beings are attached. Is a way, were you to be killed I would surely die as well. And our souls would be sent back to hell."

Emerick actually considered it. Looking down at his hand and running through his thoughts.

We're I to accept, I'd have more than enough power to pull this off. And in the end I could finally rest.

"What about when it's all said and done. I kill the gods and you have your souls. What then?" Emerick wondered.

"Then we go our separate ways, and you keep your soul."


"Oh my you're really going to do it?" The demon said shocked. "Then we have a deal."

The demon smiled and walked over to him and held out a hand. Staring him in the eyes, Emerick questioned his actions but knew this would be a one way ticket.

Taking the demons hand, they agree to the deal. With a smirk the demon giggled slightly.

"What is your name?" The demon asked.


"Scelus. I know it's not a pretty name but I guess it fits into my nature."

While they introduced, the demons grip became tighter and he grind wildly. Suddenly red veins sprang from its hand and wiggled their way into Emerick's arm. The pain wasn't as intense as the dark sign's but made him droop his shield.

As the veins dug their way deeper into his flesh, He could feel them moving throughout his body as Scelus started to crack and sink into Emerick.

After a few minutes Scelus's body broke into pieces and the rest of the veins burrowed deep into Emerick. At this moment he believed that he was tricked into something and was about to fight back.

"Oh stop squirming already!" A voice came out of no where.

Looking around he saw thing but the shattered course of the demon.

"Did I forget to mention this part? Yes well when we become one. We really do."

"Why didn't you mention this before?"Emerick gritted.

"I believe life should have a few surprises don't you?"

Emerick stood upright and then reached for his gear, once he picked it up he noticed that is was much lighter than before. This must be one of the perks of having the powers of a demon.

Turning to the large stairway he went for his helm and collected himself. Looking himself over, everything was in check and he continued on his journey.

"You know, I gotta say. At first glance you were more than attractive. But now that I can feel your every move, your body is unbearably hot!"

"Do you always talk this much?"

"It might be something you'll be dealing with."

"That's just perfect," Emerick groaned.
Heavy burden 3
So I've been jotting these down on my phone and I'm more than sure there are typos. But please tell me what you think and I'll do the best I can to re edit the work.
By mid day the man had finally reached the edge of the forest, and into an open wheat fields. Though, there was nothing else in sight.

Following the dirt path, the man found himself coming upon a dead city. Just a few miles out he could see that it was constructed around a larger walled city that was built around a mountain.

A horrid smell had filled the air when the wind had passed. The stench had to be shaken away just to bear.

Suddenly a growl came from the brush, as the knight rose his shield, he scanned the area waiting for the first move. A sound came from the right, then the left. Soon it had seemed to be all around him.

Finally, his patience had gone too thin and he swung his sword in a half crescent slash through the brush, when he did so it made contact with something.

A yelp rang out, and from the blow a decayed beast like dog was thrown onto the path. The slash was so deep that it was went through the left shoulder and across the chest separating majority of the body.

Within moments, four more beasts had appeared before him. Circling him slowly they watched his every move. Nipping at the air trying to intimidate him. But it all failed.

A roar erupted from one behind him and lunged for his neck, another followed in the attack.

Whipping his shield back, the beast rammed head first against the blackened steel as the other was bashed violently in the jaw, and a loud crack came from it. Spinning quickly, the knight swung his sword again this time slicing the head off the beat from behind.

The third had jumped to try and get at his blind spot, however, the knight dropped his weight and shot his sword straight into the beast's mouth.

Unfortunately for him it was stuck. Using his boot he scrapped the body from his blade and turned his gaze to the city once more.

The last beast was still alive yelping in pain. As the knight walked towards it, his rose his boot and pressed it against the beasts head and crushed it's skull.

"Yet another poor set of creatures tormented by the curse."

As he stood silent, white mists lifted from the bodies of the beasts and fluttered to him. Swirling around his frame it sank deep into his core.

When he collected himself he began to proceed to the city. The sun was almost about to set and he needed to find shelter. A bonfire.

Through the city he had encountered more beasts and the occasional villager that lost their humanity.

The city was old and destroyed. Most of the structures were made of stone and iron beams that were able to withstand the years. Coated in moss it almost had a beautiful grace to it. Though, the wood touches were slowly giving way.

The streets had debris from the long past chaos that rang out long ago. From time to time, there were some hollowed villagers that lost all humanity and could do nothing but cling to a world they had no clue of. Some however had some and tried to hold back any urge to attack anything in sight.

By now the sun was setting and the sounds of numerous creatures were roaming the wind. Not long the knight was in the center of this town and was able to see the inner city walls. Just to the left was a tall bell tower and what seemed to be a small glow from the roof top.

As he approached the twin doorway to the bell tower, he noticed that something was just revelry there and must be what's at the top.

Walking into the building, there was almost nothing there. More or less it was just a room with empty space waiting to be filled. A few benches and tipped over tables with candle light stands here and there.

Across the room off the the left was a stairway, walking across the room his overwhelming weight echoed.  Making his way up the stairs he saw another door slightly cracked open, a soft glow coming from the other side.

Pushing the door with his shield slowly, he came to find that it was another bonfire. The top of the bell tower was indeed spacious with the flooring circling around the bell itself. Off to the side was a chain that is used to move the bell.

Four windows let the moonlight creep in inch by inch. Over powered by the flame of the bonfire, it sat at bay. Where the bonfire sat was just under the window that faced the center of the city.

Near the bonfire a travelers bag lay against a bedroll. Someone was still here. But where.

Scanning the room he felt no fear, but more curious. Who was really here, we're they a hollow, or still holding their humanity intact?

Suddenly a man roared out and swung an ax down on the knight's shoulder. But this had no affect, not with that type of weapon.

Glancing over, he pushed the man to the ground with his shield. As the man scrambled to his feet, he was met with the steel tip of the knight's sword.

"Okay, okay. You win. I submit,"The man said.

"That wasn't a smart play on your part."

"Aye, but what am I to do in this time of darkness. You can't be too sure of anyone these days."

The knight stood in place like a statue for a good moment then pulled his sword back and turned to the bonfire, taking a seat.

The man stood in shock and then slowly sat opposite of the knight.

"You're a mighty fellow, what are you doing out here?"

The knight sat in silence.

"My poor ax barely scratched that armor of yours, what's it made of?"

The knight said nothing, only watching the fire.

"I do apologize for striking you. I thought you were a hollow!" The man laughed.

There was no humor in the air, only silence and the sound of the wind pushing against the building.

The man sat down and looked at him in wonder. This man wasn't  completely hollowfied. His flesh was slightly decayed but you could see bright brown eyes, a scruffy beard stuck to his face and matted curly hair atop. He only had weak leather scraps and robes as armor. He has tone some type of commoner that survived this whole ordeal. But how much time does he have?

"My name is Trouft. What's your name?"

The knight glanced up from the flame and stared at him for a second then back to the fire.

"Emerick Ballowood," he said.

"Emerick, eh? That's a good name for a knight."

Emerick sat in silence gazing at the flame, his armor reflected the light and gave a graceful shine. His shield and sword leaned heavily against a wooden beam. The weight was almost too much but somehow they held strong.

Trouft was in wonder at how massive the knight was and how he was able to move so easily in all that armor. He could hardly imagine himself wearing any of that.

Hours passed and they didn't say a word, Trouft was fast asleep as was Emerick. Once the sun had finally rose, the light reaches across the land and into the window where they slept.

A slimmer of light peeked in shining on Emerick's helm, into his visor. Slowly he woke and shifted his shoulder sitting up straight. With a sigh, he leaned back and stood, walking to the window.

It was all the same the day before, nothing had changed. Nothing new, just the same old city.

Turning back he was Trouft snoring in his bedroll, and went for his gear. When he picked them up the wood let out a quiet groan and was able to breath again.

With a final glance he looked back at Trouft and then set off to the courtyard outside.

There were a few hollows that had wondered about, but payed no mind to him as he walked. A few had watched him, shacking and scratching at their flesh.

Nothing of interest caught his eye but the long stairway to the inner city on Lordran. Approaching the stairs he came to find that an odd fellow was seated on a half broken pillar. He wore strange cloths, a mix of black and purple robes that were under a few strips of leather and iron.

Noticing him a wild grin grew on his face and he dropped down from the pillar and stood with his hand on a short sword attached at the hip.

"My, my, aren't you a beautiful sight," he giggled. "And you smell absolutely wondrous!"
Heavy burden 2
Just continuing the madness. If you have any comments please tell me.
Heavy burden

The moon light shined dimly through the trees as the time passed. Clouds blocked the light from the moon while rolling across the sky.

Oh how this dim light was such a beautiful lie.

Step by step, heavy feet sank into the soft soil beneath a mass of black armor. Tattered and coated in stains the metal was strong and sound.

A large tower shield swayed on the left, and a great sword on the right. These enormous weapons waved like the leaves on the trees when a gentle breeze pressed against them.

The armor was so worn that it didn't reflect the light of the moon, as if it refused to accept the beautiful lie. The helm was flat topped and had four slits where one could see the colorless eyes underneath. Broad shoulders gracefully shifted the metal plates, rounded the form the body for maximum protection and mobility.

A chest hung slightly, no exquisite designs displayed on the body, only reseeding lines that showed where the plates overlapped each other. Such a sound suit that protected the whole frame of the body. Basic, but wonderfully crafted.

A torn kilt covered with blood stains waved with the wind. Hiding massive greaves capped with knee guards leading to the muddied boots.

Walking along, an opening came about. A small lake in the middle of the path, around the lake the path continued. Just to the right of the lake was what the blackened suit was looking for.

After a paused moment, the walking continued. When the suit finally found itself at a resting point. A bonfire. Looking around, no one was in sight, but it seemed that something was just recently there.

The site was as they all are. A pit of fire that glowed brightly surrounded by memories. With the lake at its back looking down at the bonfire, there were two tree logs on left and right. Dead and hollowed, just as the same. Behind the flame was a large bolder so perfectly placed.

Regardless, the suit leaned the great sword and shield against the stone and sat down with its back against it.

Resting quietly the world began to speak, the wind rustling the leaves, pushing the grass and water in its grace. Smaller creatures wondered about in hopes of secrecy.

The moon was now setting and that horrid, but beautiful lie crept from just over the horizon. When it touched the suit, it tired to make a reflection. Alas, it was in vein. With the coming of dawn, the suit rose with stiff movements, taking a knee before the flame.

Looking down a hand was lifted concealing a tiny shadowed mass, almost like a misty flame. It almost seemed to be alive in the hand when suddenly the suit crushed it with its powerful hand.

A muffled scream came from it, but too faint to be heard aloud. The mist soon resembled the flame, engulfing the suit.

The flame shined brilliantly shrouding the suit, and when it finally faded out the sun gleamed onto it and then it reflected the light. From once a decrypted figure, now a shining knight.

Standing tall the knight removed the helm to reveal a pale man. Short wavy blonde hair shifted blissfully in the wind, bright blue eyes sparkled, yet a displeased expression took hold of the man.

Looking down at his hand, the man focused his gaze and another small sprite of misty darkness emerged.

Clashing his hand into a fist the mist had dissipated and he drew his gaze to the sun. Taking in a deep breath and then turning to his sword and shield.

Rearming himself he slid his helm back on and continued onward down the trail. When the gate of the forest was just before him, he turned back to the bonfire.

After moments passed, he turned his back on the flame and continued into the forest.

"If only the gods had know their death would come at the hands of man."
Heavy burden
Just a little flare up to see if I still got my skills. Please let me know what you think.


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